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My incredible madrichah has made this quarantine as enjoyable as possible.

    Posted by Meital Perlin on 09.14.20

Finally, I am here in Israel. Quarantine is strange but much better than I expected. My incredible madrichah has made this quarantine as enjoyable as possible. We have had many activities with other kids on our floor; while, of course, being separated by plastic sheets. I have enjoyed them. I am so excited to meet everyone. One of my goals is to make friends with more Jewish teens. Being surrounded by other Jewish kids is something special. At school, it feels as if everyone is on their own individual path, which is excellent! However, here I love how everyone has at least something in common; being Jewish, of course. It is so special to be around other kids who chose to be here as well. I cannot wait to get to know all these kids and hear what drew them here. The quarantine has given me much time to think of what I want out of this adventure.

Being surrounded by Israeli madrichim has inspired me to learn Hebrew. Before coming here, I did not realize it would be such a goal for me. Every time I get the chance to use the Hebrew I know and am learning, I do. Another goal I have set for myself is to strengthen my Jewish connection and spirituality. Right as I landed in Israel, I felt very emotional. Not necessarily sad or happy, but that I am a part of something so much older and more significant than me as an individual person. I felt as if I had fallen right into place. This feeling has not gone away since arriving. It has given me the ambition to learn and soak up all the information my teachers and this land will teach me. On this four-month journey, I want to know why this place makes me feel such strong emotion, and I hope for that realization to bring me a deeper Jewish identity and spirituality.