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I am excited to go on an adventure and meet new people.

    Posted by Max Youssefnia on 09.13.20

I am leaving for Israel in eight days. I am excited to go on an adventure and meet new people. I am also sad to leave my friends and family behind. I usually get nervous before big things so I know that I will be nervous right before but once I get there I am going to love it. My expectations of School/Social Life at Muss is that it is a very fun and friendly place with a lot of opportunity.

My two older cousins went and they said they had the time of their lives. I fear that there will be a Coronavirus outbreak or another lockdown. Both of these things could potentially lead to the program being cancelled and me getting sent home.

Other than that I have nothing to fear because I don't think I have heard of anything there is to fear from alumni. I want to come home when this is over and have just experienced the best 4 months of my life. I want to create bonds with people from all over the world that I can rely on for the rest of my life.

I also want to see all of the beautiful destinations across Israel. Recently I have been falling in love with nature and Israel has some of the best nature in the world. I am mostly just excited to be in a new environment with new people, new food, a new language, new everything.