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Being at the sight made the experience much more memorable.

    Posted by Sofia Masri on 02.26.20

There are many benefits to learning outside the classroom setting.
An out of class classroom instantly becomes more engaging to the students and more relevant to today. At my school back home, all of our classes are in a set classroom and maybe, just maybe, every once in a while we would go on a field trip that is somewhat related to something we learned in class.
This makes it really easy for me to get side tracked at school or catch myself constantly staring at a wall and getting lost in class. Here, I am constantly being asked questions that really make me work my brain, but at the same time it barely feels like work.

The teachers are consistently trying and succeeding to make the class engaging and interactive so that we are interested. When we go out on our tiyulim we are brought to the sights of what we just learned about and then continue the lesson at the sight. Instead of simply reading from a basic textbook, we are actually able to put ourselves in the mindset of the people we are learning about and experience the feelings that they felt. For example, when we hiked Masada, our whole class sat down in a room that was part of her ruins, and we had a discussion to discuss what we would do if we were the Zealot Jews, and we had to escape the Romans who were waiting to attack us the next day. We had to put ourselves in the mindset of a people who just lost maybe the most important battle of their peoples’ history, and just three years later were being once again threatened with certain death. The fact that we were sitting where the Zealots may have actually sat and planned their escape placed us very close to the mindset of the people 4000 years ago.

I am a very visual learner, so my being at the sight made the experience much more memorable.