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Studying abroad at AMHSI

    Posted by Korynn Levy on 12.08.19

The reason I decided to study abroad was that I thought it would be extremely fun to travel halfway across the globe. Even though it’s sad leaving your friends and family I knew it was a sacrifice I was willing to make in order to educate myself on Judaism and continue my general studies in Israel. I found out about this program through my Jewish summer camp, someone came and talked about AMHSI and they were so passionate about it and made it sound so fun so then I went home and started the paperwork by myself and filled my mom in at the last moment so she couldn’t say no.

If you are to do this program though I highly advise that you don’t tell your parents at the last moment though. I also wanted a big change in my life because it was starting to get boring and Israel was something that always fascinated me with the different languages and cultures. My studies in school were getting a little challenging to focus on because there was just nothing fascinating about them and the way they learn here or just abroad schools in general grabbed my attention. When I applied to this school they said that the way they learned was like in the new age because sometimes they would use the outside world as their classroom and they went on regular field trips. I like being in the outdoors a lot it's very peaceful and calming and I thought that being in a place I enjoyed could make it easier for me to learn.

Also being in the place that the subject you are learning about happened makes it easier to understand, you can imagine everything right in front of you or under your feet where you are standing. Other than studies there are other reasons I wanted to come here like the opportunity of making new friends in a place that is uncommon to me, I felt like that would make the friendship stronger and more lasting if we bonded over something that was going to be so impactful in my life. I think this is true now because I am already making plans with people who luckily I live by to hang out when we get back to the states but unfortunately we all don't live by each other. We live in a time where there are mobile phones though and I’m still able to keep in touch with them by calling or texting as much as I want and that makes me so thrilled because all of the people I’ve met here are so amazing and I have such a great love for them and this program.