Why study abroad in high school?

To study or not to study abroad, that’s the REAL question!

For many students at the beginning of adulthood, deciding to study in high school abroad is one of those decisions that keeps them up at night, imagining the amazing adventure and endless options. You can almost feel you’re there, smell the exotic food and drinks, hear bells and chiming of foreign voices, imagine the waves crashing on foreign shores, taste the spices added to a myriad of dishes, and hear those magic words “Welcome to your studies abroad.”

Convincing your parents to let you study abroad is a whole different story.

So here’s some ideas to “pitch” to those who love you to sell them on the idea of sending you hundreds (or thousands) of miles away to study abroad. It doesn’t take much effort as long as you’ve got your main points down, a Powerpoint presentation won’t hurt and an excellent report card that came in that day would also be very helpful. Or just make them dinner, clean your room, and show them you’re old enough and responsible and the rest falls into place.


The first advantage of studying in high school abroad is your future college application. Call it a resume for the younger generation. Look! I studied in high school abroad! is a great way to attract the attention of potential universities.

Language skills – this one’s a no-brainer. Learning another language gives you an edge in the international market. If you’re planning on doing anything BIG (like starting an international business, working in an international company, or even marketing your skills to a bigger community), another language, especially one you learned while you studied abroad in high school, is a great advantage.

Independence. Let’s face it, parents love the idea of an independent but trustworthy kid. You’ve travelled abroad and studied in a high school abroad, so of course they can trust you in your future decisions. After all, the advantage of studying abroad means you’re an adult with life experience that couldn’t be gained in high school at home necessarily.

Family vacation? An advantage to studying in high school abroad is that as soon as holiday season comes around, your family has a reason and a place to visit. And who doesn’t love holidays abroad? Pack those sunglasses and beach hats, Mom, we’re going on an exotic vacation!

For all these reasons and more, do consider studying abroad in high school. You won’t regret it.


P.S. If you decided and managed to convince your parents that study abroad is for you, check out AMHSI’s semester session or our summer program if you would like to have Israel as your classroom for your high school study abroad experience.