Why Israel now has more trees than it did 100 years ago?

Want to know why Israel is one of the only two countries that now has more trees than it did 100 years ago? AMHSI students made this funny video to explain:

Or go to https://youtu.be/kPhvQAfFG6I.

Today is the new year of the trees.

This Tu B’SHvat our students planted a tree in honor of every other participant who set a foot on AMHSI’s campus in the past 44 years. If you visit our campus in Hod HaSharon, you will see the tree right in the space between all the dormitories.

This new year of the trees we would like to get as many students to registered for our upcoming sessions as we can. Please forward this video or the page www.amhsi.org/tubishvat to your friends because if they sign up to get more info today, they will be entered into a raffle for $50 Amazon gift card and get a tree planted in their name in Israel. Plus, did you know that if 5 students come on our program because of your recommendation, you will get a free trip to Israel?

Would you like to brush up on your knowledge of Tu BiShvat? Aubrey Isaacs, one of our Israel Studies Educators, wrote a great piece on the five layers of Tu BiShvat. Click on the image below to get to the article.

The Five Layers of Tu B'Shvat-A Sweet Taste of Jewish History



Or go here: www.amhsi.org/the-five-layers-of-tu-bshvat.

Happy new year!