How to prepare yourself for high school abroad in Israel?


Next stop – Israel! 

Prepare yourself for the experience of your life!

Get on the plane, hand over your ticket and passport, and get moving to high school in Israel.

So how do you prepare yourself for Israel?

Learn Hebrew. Not too much because you’ll be doing a lot of that with the natives, but learn some key phrases like thanks, how much is that, can you add me to your Whatsapp group, and other important, but short phrases.


Pack light. Don’t bring too much. You’ll be able to get most of what you need in Israel, and much of it better quality (not even made in China!). Israel has so much to offer, you’ll want to save the extra bag space home for all the great stuff you’ll collect during your time in high school in Israel.


Get a good smartphone. EVERYone in Israel has a smartphone, and everyone is on Whatsapp. You will live, sleep, and breathe Whatsapp. Your school, family, friends, important updates, class notes, basically everything you need to know is on there. Plus, you’ll want to have Waze and other great apps to help you get around and keep up with what’s going on while you’re in high school in Israel.

Learn about Israeli sports. Decide if you want to be a Maccabi Tel Aviv or HaPoal Jerusalem fan. Israelis love soccer (or football) and basketball and choosing a your favorite club is like choosing a best friend. Get your colors right, buy yourself a shirt and a scarf, and prepare yourself to be taken off to sports games with the cheering masses.

Spriing Semester students in desert jumping - etana cheskis

Buy yourself some boots for all the awesome hikes you’re going to do. The Negev, the Golan, the Dead Sea and Ein Gedi… the list goes on and on. Hikes are a favorite pastime of the young and the old, so in addition get yourself a good hat, a half-ripped tshirt, a sturdy backpack and sleeping bag, a camelback for water, and you’ll be good to go. Someone will bring the finjan (coffee maker) or tea if that’s your thing, and your high school in Israel adventure will be the best you’ve yet to experience.

Welcome! Can’t wait to have you here!