Office of Undergraduate Research

Established in 2014, the Office of Undergraduate Research serves to inform, engage, and support currently enrolled students on matters related to research at AMIIE-AMHSI; to enhance independent work through campus-wide initiatives and departmental collaborations; and to promote students’ research achievements through academic publications in scholarly journals. 

AMIIE-AMHSI establishes the following bodies:

  1. The “Research Office for Undergraduates” similar to other educational institutions.
  2. The “Institutional Review Board”. This body officially authorizes research proposals.

All science research activities are conducted strictly according to the Code of Ethics for Undergraduate Research that was adopted July 1, 2017, by the Council on Undergraduate Research (Washington, DC, USA).

The contribution of students to the development, conduct and reporting of the research are appropriately acknowledged like that of other contributors in accordance with journal editors’ authorship criteria. The AMIIE-AMHSI policy is that all students who significantly contributed in research design, collection of raw data, database search, data analysis, draft preparation, and approval of the final version of research manuscript are to be co-authors of publications in scholarly journals.

The Research Office Activities and Responsibilities:

  • Research activities among the AMHSI students – expanded “college-ready” program
  • Conducting of research activities among the AMHSI teachers and administrators
  • Publication of articles in registered and Impact factor owning academic journals
  • Assistance to AMHSI alumni in research projects at colleges


Fields of research:

  • High school education
  • Adolescent psychology, Adolescent health issues
  • History, Jewish history, Jewish Studies
  • Israel – Middle East studies, Politics and comparative government
  • Sociology, Comparative religion