Molly Feldman, Spring Semester 2014, Catches Up with AMHSI

Molly Feldman is from New Hampshire and attended the Spring Semester Session
in 2014 at the Eshel HaNasi Negev campus.
This fall, she will be attending the Rochester Institute of Technology to
study computer science.

Please share
a little bit about yourself.

I was born in Ohio and moved to Londonderry, NH when I was two. I went to
Londonderry High School (I’m graduating June 12!) and I will be going to the
Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) this fall. I attended the Prozdor
Hebrew High School in Newton, MA from 8th grade until 11th
and I have been a chapter or regional general board member of NERUSY since 9th

If your
AMHSI friends could visit you for a day in your hometown, where would you take

I would just have them hang out at my house because I have a pool and we
could grill!

Do you know
what you are planning on studying at RIT?

I am majoring in Computer Science. I’m not sure what I want to do with it
exactly, but I’d like to do a lot of traveling.

What’s your
favorite non-school activity?

USY (the Conservative movement’s youth group) has been a huge part of my
life, and this year especially, I got much closer to a lot of my friends.

Who was your
core teacher on AMHSI?

My core teacher was Aubrey. For one of our tiyulim, we visited a
Crusader’s castle. We had a really funny activity he led to learn about the
different defenses that surround the castle to protect it from invaders. I
remember laughing the whole way through.

Did you
visit Israel prior to attending AMHSI?

In 9th grade, I visited Israel for 10 days with Prozdor. We
have a sister school, the Reali school in Haifa, and we were boarded with kids
that went to the school. We traveled and learned about Israel alongside the
Israeli students. As soon as I got home, I knew I had to get back to Israel as
soon as possible. I plan on participating in Birthright, hopefully this coming
winter break, then extending my stay to visit friends that are doing a gap year
next school year.

Did you have
a #MussMoment or a time where the AMHSI experience clicked for you?

My roommates
and I had a dance party in our room one night, and I couldn’t imagine ever
having to leave them!