Israel Adult Journey by Dr. Stuart Lipman, Florida

I have just completed my Alexander Muss High School in Israel Adult Journey. This eleven day trip was my first exposure to AMHSI. I have been to Israel almost a dozen times, having traveled here both on my own, and under the auspices of various JEWISH organizations or tour groups. It is only with the highest of praise that I recommend the AMHSI’s Adult Journey as the most enlightening and educational tour that I have ever participated in.  The concept of this Mission is unusually clear from the start; a chronological historical tour of the Jewish people in Israel. But despite it’s simplicity, I have never had any tour group or  travel guide attempt to do such an exhaustively complete, all-encompassing experience as this tour delivers. I believe the most magical aspect of this unique travel experience is the gifted abilities of our guide and mentor, David Mitchell. To be blessed with such a tremendous passion and love for teaching, combined with an unparalleled understanding and insight of the subject matter, allows the ground we cover and the places we see to be transformed into a vivid mosaic imagery of life and experiences!  David doesn’t just bring history alive; he seems to instill Our History and Our People into a fluid existence; that often flows from the very places we are standing; engulfing us in the Judaic tapestry and connecting us to Our existence which is alive and vibrant; the very reason we are here as a People, and the basic tenet for which the stories bind us with such an allure and connection for Us. 

This isn’t an easy journey that you merely sit back and let happen.  It’s an almost intense foray into a land and a past, mirroring the agony, heartache, and traumatic-laced saga of an indefatigable people, forever moving forward, yet with an unyielding price of tears, sweat, and blood; embraced with unrelenting optimism and hope yet tiring and grueling as one ordeal begets another one. The time to sit back and relax is fleeting and evasive; but David is always available for questions, personal insights and enriching experiences, as well as exuding a special genuine charm that brings the group together with a closeness and camaraderie that parallels the Sabra persona; a tough outside enclosing a soft, tender inside!   

Accommodations are exemplary; meals are not just the high end breakfasts one would expect from five star hotels,  but also include a plethora of personalized palate pleasing dining adventures; David excels at finding warm and endearing family owned restaurants where the the cuisine and ambiance is a continuation of the day’s exploration; local agriculture adorns the menu and the nearby vineyards provides wines not just to be enjoyed, but more so,  to be marveled at!  

The Adult Journey is a trip not to be missed, and your only likely complaint is that there are not more hours in the day to squeeze more time, or another destination.  For that, you’ll have to travel here a second time!

– Dr. Stuart Lipman, Florida