Israel Adult Journey by Cary Shoob, Georgia

I have just returned from a trip to Israel, where I never felt so safe in all my life.  There was a peaceful feeling I got when the plane was landing and for some reason, tears were in my eyes. For so many years, my brother Steven and I said we would go each year but something would always come up.  Sadly, my brother passed away and didn’t make it and since then, I promised myself I would go in his honor.  The first thing I said when I landed is that “we made it”.  I know my brother was listening.  I finally got to see the Kotel and spend not only Friday night services with the military dancing and singing, but Shabbat services as well.  What a feeling of closeness to G-d I experienced not only there, but throughout the entire trip.  Actually seeing and standing in places that are mentioned in the Torah and prayers gave me chills.  My tour visited the City of David, Warren’s shaft and water system,  Be’er Sheva, Yad Vashem, Mount Masada, Avraham’s Well, the city of Tzfat, Ohalo Cemetery, Tiberias, Independence Hall, Golan Heights Winery and swam in the Dead Sea just to name a few.  I witnessed thousands of people at a memorial service on Yom HaShoah, and dancing in the streets on Yom HaAtzmaut. From Jerusalem to Tel Aviv and so many places in-between, this was an amazing trip.  Our tour guide, David Mitchell made the trip so interesting. His knowledge and stories he told were so inspiring which gave me an insight to the areas we visited. Never have I been on a trip so well organized and uplifting.  I had been asked what was my “Ah Ha’ moment and I can tell you, there were too many to choose from.  For those who have never been, don’t put it off each year like I did. We are Jews, Israel is our home, so go visit your home.  You will never be the same.