The International March of The Living and Alexander Muss High School in Israel Combined Program



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 An amazing opportunity for Sophomore, Junior and Senior High School students to combine both renowned programs... and save!

This is no ordinary trip.
This is you on a journey that you will never forget.

Explore Your Heritage and Embrace Your Future
Embark on a journey to Poland, where you will become familiar with the rich history of Polish Jewry and the destructive impact of the Holocaust. Visit Polish cities, towns and villages that were once vibrant centers of Jewish life and learning.  Your experience in Poland culminates with thousands of students from around the world joining the famous March of the Living on Yom Hashoah (Holocaust Remembrance Day) – a two-mile silent march between Auschwitz and Birkenau, the largest concentration and death camp complex built during World War II.


Continue your journey with seven weeks in Israel 
Be inspired.  Live outside the books.  Encounter new ideas and be challenged in endless ways.

A journey that will capture your soul, your heart and your imagination.

This is a unique academic and fun experience, unlike any other. Begin your trip with a special celebratory event for Yom Ha'atsmaut – Israel's Independence Day – during which, thousands of youth from across the globe come together in a festive celebration of the establishment of the Jewish State. 

Learn in a classroom without walls as the country and its rich history come alive! Travel across Israel, learning at the exact locations where history was made. Study atop a mountain, in a cave, or at the beach! Whether you're hiking where King Saul battled the Philistines or following in the footsteps of Ben Gurion, study and live 4,000 years of fascinating history through first-hand experience and enjoy all Israel has to offer while you keep up with classes from your home school.

Highly qualified teachers, experienced in teaching a wide range of high school courses, guide you through your individual assignments provided by your home schools. Live in AMHSI's beautiful campus dorms and enjoy independence and freedom within a structured and supportive framework.

AMHSI participants receive high school credits and an official transcript for Israel and Jewish History studies as well as for their general studies classes. 
Eligible students can also receive 6 transferable college credits from the University of Miami.     
Combined ProgramCampus LocationDeparture DateReturn DateEarly Bird Tuition Standard TuitionEarly Bird Deadline
MOL and AMHSIHod HaSharonApril 23, 2014June 19, 2014$9,900 Tuition only
$10,500  Tuition only
Extended to November 1, 2013
MOL and AMHSIHod HaSharonApril 12, 2015June 9, 2015TBDTBDTBD
Financial Aid Available  
***Includes all airfare except flights to JFK or Newark


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