Goldie Davoudgoleh, Junior at Gann Academy


Recently, we sat down with Goldie; she told us that she lived in China for two years from 4th to 5th grade. She and her family moved to China because of her father’s job relocation.

Q: When you were in China was there a big Jewish population; did you live near a Jewish community?

A: I didn’t live a near a Jewish community, but there was a Chabad in Shanghai, which is approximately 30 minutes away from where we lived. Throughout the two years that we lived in China, that was where we went to Shabbat and high holidays.

Q: What was the difference between going to school in China versus school in the States?

A: Even though it was the same curriculum as back home in the United States, the students were completely different. At the school I attended, the students were from around the world, which was a cool experience. At home everyone is typically from the same type of background, especially when I went to Jewish day school.

Q: Have you studied in any other country so far?

A: Just China, Israel, and the United States. When I go to college, I would love to study abroad for six months or a year. Not anywhere specific, but wherever feels exciting to go at that time.

Q: What has been of your favorite part of Israel; anything specific?

A: My group from school has been the highlight so far of this trip. Jerusalem has especially been a favorite part because of how special it was, as well as Tzaft, because I am a very artsy person, and I love jewelry.  Of course, the shopping was always one of my favorite parts, as well!