Student blogs

Heart in the East

Before coming to Israel, I would have identified myself as a Jewish American rather than an American Jew. I used to feel more connected to my nationality because I didn’t really understand how much my ancestors fought to remain Jewish and allow for me to be Jewish today. The Jews were constantly fighting Hellenism, both […]

Dear Child by AMHSI Spring Fellow Channie Goldman

Dear Child, You recently asked me, as a result of your suffering from it, why I chose to raise you as a Jew? Or in simpler words, why is it worth it to be a Jew when carrying that title automatically makes for a more turbulent life? I do not think words can suffice in […]

The Beginning- By Sophie Visscher-Lubinizki

We have only been here for a short 2 and a half weeks yet I can speak for most of the class in saying we are already having a life changing experience. We have spent our time getting used to the crazy Muss schedule and the even crazier cafeteria. We spent our first Shabbat on […]