The Next Generation & Continuous Revelation: Less Theory, More Experiential – as published in The Times of Israel, June 17, 2016

By Rabbi Leor Sinai, Co-CEO at AMHSI Transmission of Jewish continuity and Israel connectivity does not take place in the formal classroom setting on its own.¬† Israel and Jewish education must include an experiential component; it is through experientialism that our children explore and discover meaning that they can connect to. Transmission to the recipient […]

Israel Adult Journey by Cary Shoob, Georgia

I have just returned from a trip to Israel, where I never felt so safe in all my life. ¬†There was a peaceful feeling I got when the plane was landing and for some reason, tears were in my eyes. For so many years, my brother Steven and I said we would go each year […]

Israel Adult Journey by Dr. Stuart Lipman, Florida

I have just completed my Alexander Muss High School in Israel Adult Journey. This eleven day trip was my first exposure to AMHSI. I have been to Israel almost a dozen times, having traveled here both on my own, and under the auspices of various JEWISH organizations or tour groups. It is only with the […]