AMHSI Alumni Couple Return to Campus

Glenn and Nancy Marin met as high school seniors on an AMHSI trip in November of 1977.  They then went on to marry, raise a family, and finally to return to the AMHSI campus as part of their trip to Israel for their daughter’s wedding who made aliyah.  Following a tour on campus to see […]

AMHSI alumni and brothers who made aliyah, Asher and Elon Zlotnik

Asher and Elon, both went to Milken, a Jewish Community School in LA Californina, both came on AMHSI and both enlisted in the IDF (with Elon still serving).  Asher (left) is the older brother. He paved the way by coming to AMHSI in 2007. It was his idea and his parents were not understanding at first. “Why […]

Weekly Update, Jan. 4 – 8

Our campus was very quiet last week as we’re just about between sessions.  Spring semester, February session, and Milken and JDS, and other programs will all be arriving soon! __ Last week, at AMHSI… BJE spent their final 3 days of their summer trip with a cold, rainy visit up north to the Golan where […]

Weekly Update, Dec. 14-19

Last week, Fall Semester made dinner by enacting the Israeli version of the television show, Master Chef, went to the Goland, and visited the JNF protected indoor recreational area in Sderot. December Session visited Masada, Jerusalem and the caves at Bet Guvrin! Bialik students volunteered at “Save a Child’s Heart” a non-profit organization that funds […]

Going Beyond The Latkes

By Aubrey Isaacs,  Alexander Muss High School in Israel, Core Educator  “We always celebrate Chanukah. ‘The family gets together, we light the candles, sing the song. Then we eat latkes and tell "the story’….”  AMHSI students having a toga party while studying Hellenism. In discussion with my students at the Alexander Muss High School in […]

Deputy Head of Mission at Australian Embassy Visits HSI

On Monday, December 9, the Deputy Head of Mission at the Australian Embassy, James McGarry, visited the HSI campus and shared some of his thoughts on Australia’s relationship with Israel and his life in Israel since joining the embassy staff in July with Australian schools, BJE and Emanuel, who are currently on campus.   McGarry […]

Bialik Visit Weizmann Institute and Stratasys

Boys from Bialik traveled to the Science Park in Rehovot to visit the Israeli offices of Stratasys, a manufacturer of 3D printers and 3D production systems. They were able to learn about modern day printing and how the printers can produce plastics, metals, and even food! Meanwhile, the Bialik girls met with Dr. Neta Regev-Rudzki at […]

Interview with Mayim Bialik About Her New Cookbook

By Yael Tamar I recently had a chance to interview my favorite TV actor Mayim Bialik. I was eager to speak with her ever since she has published her vegan cookbook Mayim’s Vegan Table, featuring simple and easy-to-do vegan recipes of delicious foods for anyone wishing to move toward a healthier plant-based diet. Besides being an […]

Weekly Update, Dec. 7-11

Yossi made sure that Weber was pumped for their first tiyyul to Tel Gezer!  Students later that week scaled Masada for an early morning service and learning! December Session students hiked up Mt. Gilboa before traveling south for their first glimpse of Jerusalem! BJE students organized activities with disadvantaged youth at the Jaffa Institute before heading […]