My Israel ASB Experience

My Israel ASB Experience jnfus: Sunday, March 23, 2014 – Packed and ready to drive to the airport. There are 10 people in the group, 8 participants and 2 female staff. We leave Los Angeles as a group with one mission: get to Israel and help make a difference in the lives of people who […]

Remembering the heroes on Jerusalem Day – AMHSI story

Today Jerusalem celebrates 47 years since its liberation and reunification following the Six-Day War. Many commemorative ceremonies are held throughout Israel, including a parade in Jerusalem, as well as memorial services for soldiers who died during the battle. One of the most famous photos captured in the first moments following liberation at the wailing wall […]

Day 46 (running into Day 47)

Day 46 (running into Day 47) i-am-hsi: Our last day… So, functioning on only 3 hours of sleep, we were woken up at 5:30 to get ready, finish packing, and bring down all our luggage by 6am. Then we had to clean the room, go to breakfast, clean some more, return our keys, load the […]

A Reflection on Tu Bishvat

By Reuven Spero The first Mishna in the Tractate of Rosh HaShana tells us:  There are four New Years!  Among them is the New Year for kings, from which we count the years of their rule.  There is also a new year for animals, when every animal born before that date is considered a yearling […]

Skew the Pew!

By Rabbi Leor Sinai, Co-CEO, AMHSI Pew shmew, perhaps that’s what David Ben-Gurion might have said[i], and yet there is cause for mobilization, as the Pew results have initiated a global Jewish conversation.  We, at the Alexander Muss High School in Israel (AMHSI), have been doing our part for over forty years and are proud […]

AMHSI Core and General Studies staff spent the day in the Jezreal Valley to learn about new activities, hikes, and educational content that could potentially be added to the curriculum!

Weekly Update, Feb. 22-27

At AMHSI last week… Milken TIF students headed to Beit Guvrin to explore the caves of the Bar Kochba Revolt and learned about life under the Romans at Tzippori.  They had a family shabbat for the weekend and were able to enjoy home hospitatliy. Spring and February sessions students also explored the caves of Beit […]

Interview with AMHSI Alum, Brett Kaufman, April 2011

Brett Kaufman is a Maryland native who is currently a student at Towson University. He attended AMSHI during the 2011 April session and paid for part of his tuition through JNF’s Plant Your Way program.  He has since spent time in Israel since the program as an intern at a start-up incubator at Tel Aviv […]

Weekly Update, March 15-19

Here’s what happened in the AMHSI community last week: Semester students visited Yad VaShem this week in preparation for the trip to Poland.  They also had some time for fun in the sand dunes and hanging out on campus though! CESJDS student spent the week studying the rich history of Polish Jewry and the devastating […]