Thanksgiving at AMHSI!

AMHSI students had a chance to celebrate traditional Thanksgiving at their Israeli home away from home. AMHSI fall semester student, Shlomi Efergan, invited his American mom, Wendy, to help his fellow students feel the Thanksgiving spirit. She helped prepare a traditional home-cooked Thanksgiving meal and brought it to AMHSI students a day before the actually […]

AMHSI Fall Semester Students Travel to Poland

Aubrey Isaacs, AMHSI educator, who is leading the AMHSI Fall Semester this year, took the students to Poland last week. Aubrey provided a detailed account of the trip, which can be seen here: In a gist, on their trip to Poland, students got to travel to the Ghetto Wall and walk to the Rappaport […]

Why Israel now has more trees than it did 100 years ago?

Want to know why Israel is one of the only two countries that now has more trees than it did 100 years ago? AMHSI students made this funny video to explain: Or go to Today is the new year of the trees. This Tu B’SHvat our students planted a tree in honor of every other participant […]

The David Project

We had the opportunity to Interview Executive Director of The David Project and  AMHSI alumnus Phillip Brodsky.  Tell us a bit about yourself. I’m Phil Brodsky, 31, from Charlotte, North Carolina. I went to University of North Carolina for undergrad and graduated in 2005. After college, I worked at the Director of Programming for Alpha […]

The Five Layers of Tu B’Shvat – A Sweet Taste of Jewish History

Written by Aubrey Isaacs, Israel Studies educator at the JNF-Alexander Muss High School in Israel   Of the festivals in the Jewish calendar, Tu B’Shvat is considered a minor celebration, in a different league from days such as Rosh Hashanah or Pesach. But as a reflection of our long history Tu B’Shvat is unparalleled. The […]

JNF Presidents’ Mission visits AMHSI

By Zack Lichten On behalf of AMHSI we would like to thank the JNF Presidents’ Mission for allowing us to host the Mission participants at our Hod HaSharon campus. The visit included a campus tour (albeit in the pouring rain), meeting our fall semester students, and having a traditional Israeli home-cooked meal while AMHSI staff […]

Register on Tu B’Shvat & Receive a Special Gift!

JNF-Alexander Muss High School in Israel (AMHSI) is a college prep study abroad program where Israel is the classroom. Tu B’Shvat is around the corner! Make sure to sign up to get more info before or on Tu B’Shvat (January 24-25, 2016), and you will be entered into a giveaway for a $50 Amazon gift certificate. Tell […]

AMHSI Summer 2014 student Eden Moskna found her #MussMagic meditating in the desert. #HSI #AMHSI #Israel #MussMagic (at Alexander Muss High School Israel)


The lady can really rock a kippah 2. There’s no telling of how many bad wigs she owns 3. The lady already speaks Hebrew 4. She looks good in uniform 5. And like most good Israelis, she already picked up her gas mask 6. The lady loves to cook 7. Not only that, she makes a mean brisket 8. The lady prefers […]