Dear Child by AMHSI Spring Fellow Channie Goldman

Dear Child, You recently asked me, as a result of your suffering from it, why I chose to raise you as a Jew? Or in simpler words, why is it worth it to be a Jew when carrying that title automatically makes for a more turbulent life? I do not think words can suffice in […]

Goldie Davoudgoleh, Junior at Gann Academy

Recently, we sat down with Goldie; she told us that she lived in China for two years from 4th to 5th grade. She and her family moved to China because of her father’s job relocation. Q: When you were in China was there a big Jewish population; did you live near a Jewish community? A: […]

Alum of the Month – Ben Barokas

By Yael Tamar I was very excited about the opportunity to speak with Ben, who besides being an AMHSI alumnus is also a successful entrepreneur, angel investor, and a General Manager of Google’s Global Marketplace Development team. Ben attributes his entrepreneurial zeal to being a global citizen and a son of Turkish-born father, Rifat Barokas, […]

Weekly AMHSI Update, Nov. 2-8

Week in Poland This week, the AMHSI Fall Semester group were in Poland with Aubrey Isaacs.  Check out our Poland blog to read detailed accounts of the entire week. Sderot Both AHA and Gann went to Sderot and among other things, were able to see the remnants of rockets at the police station and the underground […]

Weekly AMHSI Updates, Nov. 9-14

Sushi AMHSI Fall Semester students enjoyed a late night sushi snack! Banquet  AHA students finished their 10 week program with a banquet and an amazing final video.  Check out the video here! Sderot In Sderot, Barrack students toured the police station and the remains of rockets that had been collected from the area.

Weekly Update, Nov. 16-21

Barrack and Fall Semester having fun at paintball! Gann had their final banquet on Tuesday and captured the best moments of their trip on video.  Check it out here! Emanuel School arrived from Australia this week!

How to prepare yourself for high school abroad in Israel?

Next stop – Israel!  Prepare yourself for the experience of your life! Get on the plane, hand over your ticket and passport, and get moving to high school in Israel. So how do you prepare yourself for Israel? Learn Hebrew. Not too much because you’ll be doing a lot of that with the natives, but […]

New Fund Brings Students to Israel to Impact Future of Jewish Leadership

The Alexander Muss High School in Israel (AMHSI) and Jewish National Fund (JNF) believe in the potential for tremendous impact the next generation of Jewish leadership will have visa vie Israel and the extended Jewish community.  In light of the challenges Jews face today both in Israel and around the world, today’s high school students […]

Thanksgiving at AMHSI!

AMHSI students had a chance to celebrate traditional Thanksgiving at their Israeli home away from home. AMHSI fall semester student, Shlomi Efergan, invited his American mom, Wendy, to help his fellow students feel the Thanksgiving spirit. She helped prepare a traditional home-cooked Thanksgiving meal and brought it to AMHSI students a day before the actually […]

AMHSI Fall Semester Students Travel to Poland

Aubrey Isaacs, AMHSI educator, who is leading the AMHSI Fall Semester this year, took the students to Poland last week. Aubrey provided a detailed account of the trip, which can be seen here: In a gist, on their trip to Poland, students got to travel to the Ghetto Wall and walk to the Rappaport […]