An AMHSI Love Story


Vanessa and Marty Friedman in their HSI t-shirts

December 2, 1985

“Hi, I’m Marty Friedman.  What’s your name?”

I was sitting on an Israel bound El Al flight with my friends from Miami Killian High School, and we glanced at the 16 year old guy in the aisle. We looked around…was he talking to us?  

We were shocked at how confident this kid was, waltzing to the back of the plane and just introducing himself to a bunch of strangers like that. So we did what any teenage girl would do…we didn’t respond.  Too cool for school.

So Marty Friedman went back to his Brighton High School friends, and told them what he thought; “those girls are not very friendly.”

Once on the Hod Ha Sharon campus, I was assigned to the Wohl dorm. AS WAS MARTY FRIEDMAN.  Yikes!

And so began an amazing 8 week adventure.  We all became fast friends, and bonded so tightly that three of us went together to the University of Michigan (shout out to Pelter).  Marty and I ended up getting married, and we are STILL in touch with 4 more (shout out to Emily, Lisa, Shira & Sharon).  That’s 7 of us from Wohl, still in touch after 29 years.

Now that’s what I  call staying power.