AMHSI Adult Journey


We have initiated a new service
geared to parents who are coming to visit their children on our program here in
Israel; it is a 2 day educational trip with one day going to the north and the
other heading south, giving our parents a taste of what their children

“I joined yesterday’s trip to the
north led by David Mitchell, Dean of Education, and Mordechai Cohen, Head of
School, and it was wonderful,” said Leor Sinai, AMHSI Co-Executive Director. “I can’t begin to tell you how much our
students’ parents appreciated the service we provided. Not only did they
get to see an Israel they haven’t before, but they actually learned and
experienced AMHSI – allowing them to better understand how transformative our
program is, how much effort is put into organizing our program, and how
inspiring our educators are.” 

Here’s a short video clip
of the parents singing HaTikva at the Akko prison:

Yishar Ko’ach to David and
Mordechai for leading our trip and effectively conveying the message of

Our upcoming AMHSI-JNF Adult Journey to Israel is on May 1-12,
2016.  Click here for more
, consider joining this adult journey through Israel, and please
share the link with your friends and colleagues.  

 Wishing us all a wonderful year
ahead, Moadim L’Simcha!