Yossi Katz – A Voice Called

Yossi Katz – A Voice Called

In order for history to last forever, it must become personal.

For Yossi Katz, legendary Israel Educator at the Alexander Muss High School in Israel (AMHSI), it was all personal.  Impacting the lives of thousands of High School students, and many children of alumni, is not how the story ends – it’s just the beginning.

Born and raised in Philadelphia, for years Yossi was active in Camp Ramah, USY (United Synagogue Youth), majored in Jewish and Arab history at Temple University, and became a licensed teacher through Hebrew University’s Center for Jewish Education.  In 1978 he made Aliyah and served in the IDF for 25 years, along the way he also became Israel’s national boxing champion representing the Jewish State in international competitions, later serving as a shaliachi (emissary) for the WZO (World Zionist Organization), and much more, but that was not enough.  Yossi served as an Israel Educator to the students at AMHSI for 38 years!  Yossi Katz is A Voice Called, the perfect title for the perfect book he would author highlighting Jewish heroes and leadership throughout history, 32 chapters, 32 heroes.

When I began working at AMHSI 4.5 years ago, I heard much about this Yossi Katz.  Tour guides and educators, whom I have worked with over the years, would tell me that Yossi is a legend.  Yossi has a gift, Yossi is a gift.  His ability to silence an entire room of High School students with his story telling, taking them on a 4,000 year journey, is something one must see to believe, I can’t help but wonder what he was like 10, 20, or 30 years ago!

As a result of his passion, selflessness, and love of Am Yisrael, Yossi’s reach goes far beyond the class room and into the lives of each and every student he taught.  For this he is loved, admired, and appreciated by all.

The sages of blessed memory teach in the Talmud, tractate Sanhedrin 19b: anyone who has taught the child of another is ascribed as if he/she begot the child.

If this is true Yossi Katz you have thousands of children out there whose lives you have personally touched, for them you are their hero.

And now, Yossi, Your Voice Calls upon us to make this personal, after all – for history to last forever it must become personal.

From all of us at the Alexander Muss High School in Israel – Jewish National Fund, thank you.